Bike Cargo Front Carrier With Liner

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Enhance your biking experience with the WOMBAT Front Carrier, a premier choice for those seeking a stylish and functional upgrade to their cargo bike. This bike cargo basket, designed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium, promises to boost your bike’s visual appeal and offer an exceedingly practical storage solution for daily essentials like groceries, work materials, and personal items. 

The WOMBAT Front Carrier is effortlessly attachable, facilitating quick and secure installation that turns cumbersome bike loading into a simple, streamlined process. Its design is optimized for ease of use, making it perfect for everyday errands and commuting. Thus, it eliminates the need for bulky backpacks and ensures a more comfortable ride.

Whether referred to as a bike basket for the front, a bike cargo box, or a cargo bike front basket, the WOMBAT Front Carrier is a versatile addition that serves as an essential bike cargo carrier. It transforms any cargo bike into a more functional and fashionable vehicle, proving an indispensable cargo basket for bike enthusiasts who value style and substance.

Cargo Bike Front Basket Features:

  • Enhances bike aesthetics
  • Ideal for daily essentials
  • Durable, lightweight aluminium
  • Quick and secure installation
  • Perfect for errands and commuting Includes custom basket liner
  • Comes with unique headbadge

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