Cargo Bike Accessories

Elevate your cargo bike with our range of attachments and add ons compatible with any Wombat Bike. From child seats for bikes to BASIL pannier bags explore our complete range of cargo bike attachments online today.

Designed to move your life

Our range of genuine WOMBAT cargo bike accessories and add ons are designed to ensure peace of mind when on the road. Developed by parents with years of experience, we know whats required when it comes to moving kids!

Cargo Bike Accessories Made right

WOMBAT cargo bike add-ons are designed to give you the confidence to transport your precious cargo safely. Whether you need a child seat for your cargo bike or adequate storage to carry all your belongings, our cargo bike accessories have all the essentials to elevate your ride. Reach out to our friendly staff and we would be happy to help with any questions on how to set up your ride!


Careful design and utilising the right components brings an extra level of safety to the ride.


Well designed accessories give that extra feeling of balance and security to passengers.


Make the most of your rides. When passengers feel balanced and confident they are happy!

Endless Configurations

Ride it your way with a range of cargo bike accessories that are designed to fit your life and grow with your needs. Whether you're transporting your kids, carrying groceries, or heading off on an adventure, our range of cargo bike attachments ensures your bike can do it all. Opt for a comfortable child seat to bring your little one along, or switch to a sturdy cargo bike bench seat for additional passenger space. With customisable bags and versatile racks, packing and securing your essentials has never been easier. Plus, our enhanced safety features give you peace of mind on every journey. The possibilities are endless—configure your WOMBAT cargo bike to make every trip efficient, safe, and perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.

Ready to hit the road?

Easy as one, two, three...

Purchase cargo bike accessories as your needs require or look for a value pack to start everything all in one go!

Bench cusion.

taking passengers? they will appreciate this! Our comfy all weather cushion cover. available in half or full length sizes to suit your configuration!

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Buddy Rails

The essential for safe and happy transportation! Move older children safely and securely with our buddy rails

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Front basket

Big mover! our XL front rack comes with a basket liner to ensure nothing falls through, helping you to maximise you cargo load. Frame mounted for low gravity and safe balanced loads.

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Looking for more versatility?

Our racks are designed to be compatible with all MIK-HD products so you can switch out the baby seat for a basket at the flick of a switch!
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Built in security

All bikes come with our pre installed bike alarm for extra piece of mind. Remote operated, the alarm is set with a single click and will sound at 108 decibels if the bike is moved. Handlebar mount for the remote allows it to be used as an electronic horn for extra safety on busy bike paths.

USB charging for months of use, IP65 Waterproof rating and discreet under-frame mounting for hassle free use.

Cargo Bike Accessories FAQ

Want to know more about how cargo bike add-ons can change the game? Read our answers to frequently asked questions.